Dr. Ed Reese put together the first piece of of his life work in 1977. The Chronological Bible was a unique project, the first of its kind, were Dr. Reese placed every verse of the Bible into Chronological order.

Why would someone do such a thing? What can can be learned from this method of study? To start with, the Word of God we have is not in chronological order. That means the Bible is not placed in the correct order of events in the way they occurred in time. Why did God direct the placement of the Bible in this way if it is not in chronological order? The reason is God is placing an emphasis and the progressive revelation leading to the first and second comings of the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s way is best! Then why place every verse in the order they occurred in time? The Reese Chronological Bible was meant to be a study resource to show the Bible is history and help place the events in order in the minds of those who love God’s word!

Dr Reese first started this project in the late 70’s. Without the aid of a computer this was a huge task! He took two Bible and cut the verses out. Then (with the aid of his family) glued the verses in order.  They recall exciting stories of fans blowing all the little scraps of scripture around the room! This was a painstaking and tedious process, but the labour of love for the Lord drove Dr. Reese on. He has a great desire to be a help to people with the Word of God.

The first edition was printed in 1977 and since then has sold over 200,000 copies. It was the first of its kind, spawning a generation of people to study God’s word and others to attempt the same kind of project.

In 2006, Dr. Reese had a desire to improve upon the work that was done. After 30 years, an editor can see lots of things that could be adjusted. He has had a desire to improve upon the work, not only to place every verse as correctly as possible in the order the Bible events occurred, but to add special features to enhance the study of God’s Word. These new enhancements and helps include the ages of people during the different Bible events, prophecies (when they were made and how long they were fulfilled), cultural and historical footnotes, special notes highlighting the names of God, historical events and much more!

Pastor & ReeseDr. Reese needed help to revise the Reese Chronological Bible so Dr. Reese picked up an assistant editor named Scotty W. Backhaus. Pastor Backhaus had the ability with the computer that was needed, along with great interest in ancient history and the Bible. They worked together the next couple of years, labouring to move the project from a Chronological Bible to a Chronological Study Bible.

Dr. Reese went home to be with the Lord before the completion of the project, but the work was carried on. Now you can have in your hands the labour of 40 years work in a Study Bible placed in chronological order.  We pray that will be a tremendous blessing and let you see the Bible is indeed history.